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April 28 2018

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Recognizing a Bed Bug Problem

Simply mentioning bed bugs is enough to make a persons skin crawl and for good reason. Once they are found in a home, it is important to act fast since these critters are hard to get under control without calling on a professional pest control service. The team at Byrd Pest Control share some bed bug signs to watch for that indicate an infestation and how to prepare before the exterminator comes.

Itchy Bites in a Line

We all get bites from time to time. However, those that notice unusual marks on their skin that seems to last, these are worth taking seriously. They usually appear in a straight line, and there is normally more than one. At first, the area will be itchy and irritated but then will turn into more of a welt.

Shells that Shed

These pests feast on blood, this is why they bite. As they consume more, they grow larger and need more room to accommodate their frame. The only way for them to be comfortable as they grow is to shed their exoskeleton. They are tiny, just like the bugs. They are clear and not really visible to the naked eye. It really requires a close inspection to see them. If there is a big infestation it might be easier to see since there will be more shells left behind. When they are mature they are about the size of an apple seed.

Waste Left Behind

The bed bugs will leave fecal spots behind. There will be stains that are black or brown left behind. This is the evidence that makes it obvious that it is time to contact a professional in pest control as soon as possible. The spots of waste are typically in the corners of the mattress, in the bedding or even on the floor.

Prepare for Bug Removal

There are some basic things that homeowners should go ahead and do to start a basic at home bed bug removal. Take the time to thoroughly vacuum each area of the rooms involved. This includes mattresses, upholstery, sofas and things of this nature. Empty the contents from the vacuum into an outdoor trash receptacle. Go ahead and put any fabrics that can go in the washing machine in on the highest heat they can stand. This includes linens, drapes, and pillows.

Dealing with bed bugs can be a headache. There is no reason to try to handle this alone. Turn to Byrd Pest Control for expert advice. There are options on ways to go about killing the bed bugs and they can help to make an informed decision. They can do an inspection and find out exactly what you are up against. For more information visit https://byrdpest.com/bed-bug-control-modesto/.

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